OUR History

Dr. James R. Smith an African American Physician, along with C.R.

Smith and financing from the Washington Shores Federal Savings and Loan,

established Frontline Outreach in 1967 and over the past 50 years the building

has been a beacon and safe haven for thousands of families. Frontline Outreach

formerly known as the Washington Shores Association for Recreation (W.S.A.R.)

was then expanded through the efforts of evangelist C. R. Smith.

As time march on Frontline Outreach has struggled to keep pace with the

needs of its constituency, all the while the building slowly became blighted.

The structure has now begun to rise from its’ threadbare existence.

The reclamation of Frontline Outreach and a renewed commitment to excellence

was introduced in 2013 by Bishop Allen T.D. Wiggins of The Hope Church.