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Learning Series

Frontline Workshops

During and after this challenging time, we want to provide inexpensive resources for you to learn, grow and create something new. This can be the bridge connecting you to new opportunities!

Build Your Own Website

This workshop will take you step-by-step towards building a website customized to your imagination. This is a great opportunity to build a web-based property that can later be monetized and added to your income.

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Now is the time to turn inward and focus on lifting your spirit and overcoming challenges. Tap into your innate power to achieve your dreams. We have a workshop hosted by a certified life coach. Get ready for an inspirational experience. FREE (Donations Accepted)

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Culinary Arts

Still preparing the same old meals at home? How about trying some new recipes? Try some different, yet easy & healthy meal ideas with other like-minded foodies. This workshop offers a place to get away and step into a brand new setting for great laughs and delightful flavors.

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Health & Fitness

Isn’t it time to get out and get the cardio-juices flowing? Exercise is a key ingredient for living a life of wealth-with-health. Common side effects include: better sleep, increase in water consumption, feelings of joy, getting stronger. Come join us for our Senior’s exercise class. Would you be interested in a particular style of exercise? Let us know.

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Home Projects

Instead of hiring a handyman every time small things come undone, why not get your hands a little dirty? What about learning some cool DIY hacks that help you do more than fix things, but also help you beautify your sanctuary… your home? This workshop will explore all kinds of ways to be creative and constructive around the house. Save money, Do It Yourself!

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